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Precinct Captain Must Go

To the Editor: 

I’d like to thank Captain Talamo for demonstrating in last week’s Wave that he is unfit to lead the 100 Precinct. 

More than anything else, leadership demands integrity. Talamo’s assertion that the citizens of Beach 130 Street used 9/11 to “justify their behavior retroactively” is such a bald-faced lie that he forfeits any credibility. The police knew in advance about the fundraiser. That’s undeniable. People celebrating Independence Day and remembering loved ones lost don’t need to justify their behavior. They are not criminals, just as the citizens who swim after work, run the boards in the morning or surf are not criminals… despite the ticket assault Talamo has ordered against them. 

Captain Talamo has pitted his officers against citizens in what is traditionally a very low-crime, pro-police neighborhood. He has attacked our way of life and caused a rift in our community. Now he is using lies to hide his own despicable actions. That’s not the leadership our police need.