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Partisanship Gone Amok

Dear Editor,  

I would not bother responding to Jean Jenkins rant in last week’s Wave except that it exemplifies what is wrong with our political system: partisanship gone amok. 

When extremists like Ms. Jenkins characterize Americans who hold different opinions as enemies with evil intent, it creates an environment where compromise and common ground are impossible to find. The failure of the debt “super committee” is stark and possibly tragic evidence of this. 

Ms. Jenkins’ assertions notwithstanding, the GOP’s “hidden” agenda is prosperity for all Americans. Republicans believe the best way to do that is to foster a society and an economic system that allows the poor and middle class to get ahead through hard work and innovation … as our fathers did before us and their fathers did before them. 

Well-intentioned liberals think the best way to help the poor is to support them with more government programs. We respectfully disagree. And apparently a great many Americans disagree since the House of Representatives – the People’s House – is led by Republicans.