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Chris Christie Exposed Himself

Dear Editor: 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stuck it to Marco Rubio last week by endorsing Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he also stuck it to the nation and the party he purports to love. In doing so, Gov. Christie showed us just how small a man he truly is. 

Christie’s endorsement of Trump was outrageous not just because The Donald is an absurd nominee for President of the United States but because his primary motivation was revenge. Christie blames Rubio for his downfall in New Hampshire. Skewering Rubio in the pre-New Hampshire debate wasn’t enough. He picked his spot and used the opportunity to rip Rubio again while he was selling out to Trump. Christie isn’t going to be president and he is going to make damn sure Rubio won’t be president either, regardless of the consequences. 

Could Christie’s endorsement have been legitimate? Not if you believe anything Chris Christie said during his failed campaign. If he was true to his message, there was only one candidate Christie could have endorsed: John Kasich. Maybe it wasn’t revenge; maybe he was just being opportunistic and jumping on the Trump bandwagon for personal gain. Well, that’s not a heck of a lot better. 

Good riddance Chris Christie.