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One Nation Under Trump

Dear Editor: 

As a Republican, I had the opportunity to vote for Donald Trump twice in 2016. Both times I opposed him. Now, since he took the oath of office last Friday, Donald Trump is my President… and every American’s president. Let’s give him a chance. 

I realize Trump has said or tweeted things that may have ticked you off and that he will continue to do so. However, it’s his actions –what he gets done as president– that matter most. There are many things that need to get fixed in our country. If President Trump is successful, it will be equally good for the people who voted for him and for those who voted against him. We are One Nation. We can differ and debate but in the end we need to find ways to work together rather than reinforce divisions. 

Americans have always battled over issues. What’s different now is the lack of respect, civility and tolerance that has become endemic. The national media have fueled this rancor and social media have multiplied it. Look at almost any political exchange on Facebook or Twitter and you will read either an insult-laced back-and-forth between people with opposing opinions or a one-sided discussion that completely vilifies fellow citizens who think differently. The latter is actually worse because it is generally based on half-truths and concludes that neighbors have evil intent. A nation divided cannot stand. And it certainly cannot work together to solve our mutual problems. 

I am not suggesting everyone should get on board with the president’s agenda. Let’s see what he does these first 100 days and respond as good citizens. It’s okay to be the loyal opposition as long as you remember that means loyal to America, not loyal to your party, your preferred candidate or a protest movement. Tearing down the president our country elected and tearing at your neighbors who have a different view of how to improve America is self-destructive. It only further divides our nation.