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Ideology And Ignorance Versus Intelligence

Dear Editor: 

Two weeks ago, The Wave reported on how the safety of Rockaway students will be compromised by the City’s willful ignorance. Last week, the DOE added ideology to its assault against our kids. 

During the town hall meeting at Goldie Maple, Chancellor Richard Carranza did not just renege on the Mayor’s promise to put a “gifted and talented” program at a school in Far Rockaway, he trashed the concept of such programs. His excuses were lame; his reasoning contradictory.   

New York City students should not be put through a meat grinder of mediocrity. Every student has distinct potential. Some may lack “book smarts” but have inherent skill and passion for the trades. Hence, vocational schools. Others excel at music or the arts. The City recognizes that subset with specialized programs. Many students have talents that are undermined by learning disabilities. That is why we rightfully invest heavily in helping these kids express their potential. 

There is also a subset of students with great academic skills in math, science, literature, etc. Their potential is not served well by the standard curriculum and classroom environment. Special programs similar to “gifted and talented” have proven successful for decades. However, this Mayor and this Chancellor are more interested in identity politics than they are in the futures of our many bright Rockaway children. 

It makes no sense to deny a strong seedling the water it needs; to allow a young person’s talent to wither on the vine.  A good education is the ticket to a better life. Our children deserve better. We should all demand better both today in Rockaway and citywide in 2021, when we will finally replace de Blasio, his Chancellor and their regrettable ideology.