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It’s About America, Not Trump

Dear Editor: 

My compliments to David Walker and David Roffe for their response to my “Threat to Democracy” letter.  Unfortunately, their disdain for President Trump runs so deep, they can’t see the point. 

As was stated by Democrats in 1937, court-packing “should be so emphatically rejected that its parallel will never again be presented to the free representatives of the free people of America.”  Biden is teasing the idea.  During the primaries, Kamala Harris and four of her Senate colleagues said they were open to court-packing.  “Centrist” Dick Durbin has gone from rejecting court-packing to defending it.  Op-Ed pages have been justifying the concept all month.  Changing the structure of our government to advance partisan goals must be emphatically rejected.  I invite Messrs. Roffe and Walker to join me.   

To be clear, I did not suggest that we should re-elect Trump because of this threat.  I invited everyone to let Senator Schumer know that if he becomes the new majority leader, we need him to fix the Senate and to stand against Constitutional destruction.  Roffe and Walker may think I am overreacting but with something this important, we must not get caught by surprise like My Cousin Vinny: “You wuz serious about dat?”   

As for things we can agree on, Walker is right: The President’s words do matter.  Too often his words have tarnished America.  Words can be damaging but actions matter more.  He and Roffe list several troubling actions by the President and his most extreme supporters.  Most of their points are valid, though some are not-so-accurate.  The only item that is theoretically a “threat to democracy” is a President refusing to give up power.  That happens in banana republics, not the United States of America. 

Seriously, what is Trump going to do, barricade himself in the West Wing?  Donald Trump’s threat to not honor the election results is revolting and embarrassing but it is only a danger if people back him up.  The military and the Secret Service aren’t going to arrest the Electoral College.  Thousands of supporters with torches are not going to show up at the White House to protect him.  Republicans in the Senate –even the dreaded Mitch McConnell– have unanimously supported an orderly transfer of power.  (Sadly, it is Hillary Clinton who is on Trump’s level.  She said, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”)  No one is expecting Donald Trump to be gracious but if he loses on November 3 then Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20.   

Pardon me for quoting my letter from last month: We are still America. We will vote as we always have. Some will vote by mail, some will vote early, most will vote in person. Either Biden or Trump will win. Agitators will push us to revolt. We should not follow these people in action or in spirit. Tough times come and go. America will endure — as long as we do not allow bad actors to trick us into tearing our nation apart. That would be truly stupid. 

In closing, I echo Mr. Roffe: Whatever side you are on, Vote.