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Build Back Better is Rotten to the Core

Dear Editor, 

The $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill is like a candy apple that is rotten to the core.  It must be defeated and deleted.  

The bill is coated with sweet treats and promises such as universal paid family leave and free pre-K… but these investments should cost Billions not Trillions.  Like many politicians, the Progressives in Washington are trying to bribe you (with your own money) to achieve their long-term goals – not prosperity for your family. 

Let’s deal with one of the central lies of its proponents: We can pay for this power grab by taxing the rich.  Raising the income tax one percentage point on the top two brackets would only raise about $125 billion over 10 years.  Do the math.  It doesn’t work and it will not “cost nothing” as Speaker Pelosi asserted.  The Democrats secret plan to fund the bill is like Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam War — a fiction.  In truth, this spending spree will be paid for by your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.  If this bill goes through, the share of national debt for every child born in the United States in 2026 will be more than $100,000. 

A much quicker impact from this “insane” spending will be inflation.  Thanks to the Fed, our country has miraculously avoided inflation despite the fiscal irresponsibility of Presidents Obama and Trump.  But President Biden has already pushed us past the tipping point – inflation is on the rise before Joe makes it “Better.”  Borrowing and spending $3.5 trillion will send inflation off to the races a la the 1970s.  

Who gets hurt worst by inflation? The poor and working class families.  Think about it.  Rich people can hedge against inflation by buying gold.  I don’t know about you but the only gold I own is in my wedding band.  Middle class families can get by for a while by canceling a vacation or putting off a car purchase for a couple of years.  But when you are living paycheck to paycheck, inflation is brutal. All of a sudden that healthy food is hard to justify when you can get multiple meals from a six-pack of faux macaroni and cheese.  Skipping lunch so you can feed your kids breakfast and dinner is a necessary sacrifice.  You take the train to save money on gas and tolls.  The lost time means you can’t help with homework but that’s the tradeoff.  It’s a tragic irony that these painful impacts will disproportionately be felt by the black voters who were so crucial to President Biden’s election. 

What’s sad here is that people who rail against the “system” don’t have an understanding of how systems really work.  They want to throw money at symptoms without fixing root causes.  Grassroots activist and local politicians rally around solutions that sound sweet today but will cause lasting pain for many tomorrows.  Meanwhile, policy makers in Washington get rich, pat themselves on the back, and dream of being the fifth face on Mount Rushmore.   

We cannot allow these Washington delusions to destroy our children’s future.  Not on our watch.  Don’t be bought off with their candy.  Stand against the Build Back Better deception.  Tell Schumer, Meeks and Gillibrand to stop the lunacy.   

Paul King