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United Against Segregation Via Redistricting 

Dear Editor, 

Thank you for shining a light on the troubling redistricting plan for Rockaway. Our peninsula’s voices must not be divided. 

It is important to note that the problem with the “Letters” plan was brought to my attention by Wayne Richards, a Far Rockaway resident. Since then, CB 14 members from 11691 to 11697 have expressed opposition to the plan. As one of them said, “This will only further diminish our collective power as a community.” 

Some politicians may be okay with a divided Rockaway but it is fair to point out that they have a natural conflict of interest. “Properly” drawn districts can assure their job security. (Is it only gerrymandering when the other guys do it?)  Segregation may be good for an elected official, even if it is bad for our country and bad for Rockaway’s citizens. 

Mother Nature made Rockaway unique among NYC’s communities. We have common needs and need a common voice. I urge your readers to contact the Independent Redistricting Commission ( and our State representatives. Let them know you want them to unite Rockaway, not divide us. 

Paul King